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48 Hour Dry Fast ResultsMy New Book: How to Lose Weight Without Working Out or Counting Calorieshttps://amzn.to/3MFalNq +++++Insta - ....

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On day one of a five-day water fast, you may experience: Significant white or yellowness in the tongue (I've even seen black with some people). This is a normal reaction to detoxing. The tongue changes can occur on any day during these (5) days, and the colors can change as well. Your body will start to make more ketones.

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Dry fasting is the SUPERIOR way to fast. 1 Day of dryfasting is equivalent to 3 days of water fasting. Ketosis is entered 24 hours into a dry fast and you will burn approximately 2lbs of pure body fat PER DAY. The body fat burn DOES NOT slow down, like it does in water fasting. Fast 5 days, burn 10lbs of body fat.

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Juice Fasting – This involves cutting out foods and replacing them with fresh juices, usually leaning heavily on less sugar rich vegetables in many of these. Dry Fasting – Going without both food and water. Dry fasts are usually for very short times, such as 24 hours, as the body doesn’t do well without water for long.

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